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Flower’s Senior Living Services

Flower’s Senior Living offers quality assisted living services with over a decade’s worth of experience to back it up. Knowing your loved one is in good hands is important to you, that is why we go above an beyond to ensure that all the bases are covered and your loved one receives all the care and comfort they need. Assisted living homes has become very popular with residential homes in the last decade, we offer assistance with all activities of daily living which includes eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, laundry, housekeeping and complete medication management and administration and much more. If you are looking for a provider who offers assisted living services with excellence, our homes are a must see. Some of the Services Listed below

Medical Conditions Supported

Our services include assistance with all activities of daily living; this is usually covered by any assisted living home in Arizona. Medical conditions we’ve supported over the years may include:

Cost of Senior Care

The cost of care is usually determined by the amount of care a resident requires. To determine this we ask questions like, how much assistance do they require with personal care? (I.e. grooming, bathing, toileting, hair care, dental/mouth care, having toe/fingernail care, incontinent). Below are some of the things which contribute to a higher cost of care.
  • How much assistance do they require with personal care? (i.e. grooming, bathing, toileting, hair care, dental/mouth care, shaving, toe/fingernail care, incontinent)
  • Do they have specific diets? (I.e. kosher, low sodium diet, specific preferences, etc…)
  • Are they able to get around easily?
  • Do they need help in getting into and out of bed?
  • Do they need assistance standing up out of the chair?
  • Do they require assistance at night?
  • Do they wonder?
  • Do they require constant supervision?
  • Are they able to follow instructions?
  • Do they need assistance with feeding?

Schedule a Tour

We encourage you to schedule a tour of our facilities, we have a record for providing quality assisted living in the clean, safe, comfort of our residential facility. We pride ourselves in the quality our services our residents receive at Flower’s Senior Living. You don’t have to take our word for it, schedule a tour and see for yourself.

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Long Term Care

Our residents which reside at our assisted living homes receive long term care services which are catered to each individuals needs. Assisted Living homes like ours are setup in such a way to be able to offer incremental services, most seniors who enter assisted living usually only require some assistance with daily living activities. As they age in place we are able to offer all levels of care, personal, supervision and direct care. This may include seniors who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, Dementia or memory disorders and a variety of other conditions which limit an individual from being able to carry out a normal life.

What are the Rates for Care?

In Arizona average rate for care is about $96 to $102 per day, which roughly amounts to $2,880 to $3,060 per month. This rate usually depends on the level of care more or less. To get an actual rate quote, please request a price quote through our assessment form or call 1-866-664-4144.  We offer quality assisted living at affordable pricing.


About Flower’s Senior Living

We emphasize dignity, privacy and care. Care not only for the body, but the mind, heart and soul as well.

Our specialized care plans not only follow all of the Arizona Department of Health regulations, but are tailored to meet their emotional needs as well. We will always try to encourage the residents to do things for themselves unless it causes pain or discomfort. By helping themselves we can promote a physical and mental well being that can make them feel healthier and more independent.

Flower’s Senior Living runs a comprehensive background screening on each Caregiver. All of our Caregivers are certified and trained.